Specialloy offers high quality torque tools. Whether you are looking for wrenches, multipliers, or pumps, we can provide you with a product that will meet or exceed your needs.

Manual Wrench

Manual Wrenches

Specialloy’s line of high-quality torque wrenches are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the highest demands of the industrial market. These wrenches have dual scale reading either Nm, in. lb, or lb.ft and are well suited for applications requiring repeatable, accurate torquing of bolts or nuts. Different options are available which include: wrenches with standard readouts, digital or electronic readouts, dial wrenches, electronic dial wrenches, and break back type. All models include an ergonomic grip and integrated locking system to prevent accidental alteration of the torque setting during operation. A click system is activated once the required torque is achieved.

Accuracy ranges from ±1% to ±6%

Calibrated in both clockwise and counter-clockwise

Can be serialized and supplied with calibration certificated traceable to N.I.S.T

Drive sizes: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”

Heavy duty ratchet heads

Torque range up to 2500 lbf.ft

Extension Rod is available to extend the lever arm

pneumatic wrench

Pneumatic Wrenches

Specialloy can provide you with a range of heavy duty pneumatic impact wrenches. These are designed for high volume production, heavy maintenance and construction work. A choice of four models in square drive sizes ½”, ¾”, 1” or 1½” is available. All models offer an excellent power to weight ratio, compact design and low vibration. Available with a pistol grip or back handle grips, these high quality tools offer increased durability, low noise level and reduced operator fatigue.

Torque capacities from 65 to 2370 lbf.ft

Square drive sizes from 1/2” to 1 1/2”

Operates from a standard 90 psi air pressure

Incorporates four position power output device

Hydraulic Wrench

Hydraulic Wrenches

This series of lightweight aluminum hydraulic torque wrenches, manufactured by Hi-Force, are designed to handle the toughest bolting jobs accurately and quickly. All models provide a torque accuracy of ±3%. The internal reaction arm spline allows the operator to easily position the tool and, if necessary, react directly off the tool body in very confined access applications. All models incorporate an easily reversible high grade alloy steel square drive enabling the operator to quickly switch from tightening to loosening applications. Uni-Swivel quick release couplers are fitted as standard to all models enabling easy positioning of the hydraulic hoses away from any possible “pinch points”. Optional allen hex drives are available along with a comprehensive range of high quality torque wrench sockets.

Accurate to +/- 3% with calibration chart supplied

Multi-purpose reaction foot with safety lock feature

Reversible square drive for tightening and loosening applications

Suitable for continuous operation at maximum pressure

Torque range up to 26,860 lbf.ft @ 10,000 psi

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