Analog Chart Recorders

Accuracy: ±1.0% or ±1/2% of Full Scale ( ± ½ chart graduation) Class 1.0 (Stainless and Pelican Case Models)

Case Sizes: 8”, 9” and 12”

Case Material: Heavy Die Cast Aluminum, AISI 316L, Pelican Brand Case, Peli Brand Case

Protection Rating: IP55, IP65 (Pelican Case with window), and IP67 (Peli Case and Pelican case with solid door)

Window Material: Glass (Aluminum Case Models) or Plexiglass

Mounting Styles: Wall, Pedestal, Flush, Pipestand or Portable

Chart Drive Options: (24 or 48 Hours, 7 or 31 days) Battery Driven Clocks, Mechanical Spring Wound , 120V Electrical, or 220V Electrical. (Aluminum Case Model)

Charts: 8″ or 12″

Number of Pens: 1,2, or 3
Pen Color and Type: Red, Blue, and Green Standard. Black and Violet optional. Felt Tips (Aluminum and Pelican Case Models)
– Black, Red, or Blue. Long-life fibre pens. ( Stainless Steel and Peli Case Models)

Pressure Measuring Element: Low pressure beryllium copper diaphragm silver brazed for ranges under 30 PSI. All welded 316 Stainless Steel helical wound bourdon coil for ranges above 30 PSI.(Aluminum and Pelican Case Models)
– AISI316 Bourdon Tube, Brass and Nickel Plated (Stainless Steel and Peli Case Models)

Pressure Connection: 1/4” NPT Female or 1/2” NPT Female or 1/4″ HPF (9/16”-18 UNF) Connections 

Pressure Ranges: 0 up to 60,000 psi (Aluminum and Pelican Case Models)